Senior Leadership Apprenticeship

Senior Leadership Apprenticeship

An 18 month apprenticeship course designed for senior and middle leaders funded by your apprenticeship levy.

As part of this course each apprentice is offered the opportunity to add a Masters in Educational Leadership.

The course is designed to harness and develop key principles for effective leadership and these are interspersed with case studies which require the student to apply the knowledge gained.

Students are encouraged to evaluate on their own leadership experience within the context of each unit and to become independent minded professionals able to adjust their own leadership style to suit the requirements of the situation.

The course focuses on the development of confident, effective and inspirational leaders, who draw upon both theory and practice to develop strategies that impact positively on school performance. A key focus is on developing leadership through broadening your knowledge and understanding of leadership theory, a critical evaluation of their own experience, an understanding of the psychology of ‘leadership’ and ‘followership’ and an appreciation of the key principles which define effective school leadership.

The course is very much rooted in the development of each individual’s leadership skills and modelled on best practice.

With an extensive branch network across the country, a team of university liaison officers as well as our dedicated team of recruitment experts, we are best positioned to help find subject specialist or key stage specific trainees who fit the profile of your school and the programme.
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As part of the course you are invited to attend two 3-day educational conferences at the University to provide opportunities to share experiences with your peers, cement your learning and engage with leading and highly-respected educationalists.

The new Senior Leader Apprenticeship standards have been specifically created to respond to the requirements of leadership challenges now and into the future. This course aims to hone your theoretical knowledge and practical skills as a senior leader, using highly effective approaches.

After completing the Senior Leader Apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity to complete a dissertation, which culminates in the award of an MA in Educational Leadership.

The Senior Leadership Apprenticeship provides an opportunity for you to be part of current and aspiring school and college leaders. Take the next step in your career today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Those interested in the apprenticeship should be in a leadership position in an educational setting as Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, Assistant Head Teacher or a Middle Management position such as Head of Department, Head of Year or Head of House.

The course will cost £14,000 and is funded by the employer via the Apprenticeship Levy or a government-supported co-investment initiative.
The course will be completed over 2 academic years.

You will have the support of professional mentors and coaches from the university as well as from your line manager.

There are 5 mandatory modules covering: Leadership, Culture, People, Teaching and Learning and a Research Proposal. If you choose to pursue the Masters path, a final module will be an Action Research Project.

Each module has a number of assessments. There are both formative those assessments designed to consolidate learning, prior to a summative assessment, which is marked and a grade awarded.

Alongside the online study sessions for the majority of the course, you will spend some days on site for educational conferences with the university team. These are planned to be face to face and will take place at Whittlebury Hall in Northamptonshire.


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