Your own levy

By utilising your Apprenticeship Levy through our university delivered course, we provide your school or trust with a sustainable model of retaining and retraining staff through our Apprenticeship Levy-funded PGCE with QTS training year.

The PGCE with QTS course can be delivered as a Level 6 Teaching Apprenticeships, as these are primarily funded through your Apprenticeship levy. This is a fund that employers, including schools, academy trusts and local authorities contribute to if their wage bill exceeds £3m per annum.

The vast majority of schools across the country will in some way contribute to an apprenticeship levy account. This can be held centrally by the school, by a multi academy trust that you are a part of or by your local authority. It is through these contributions’ employers including schools can use those accrued levy contributions to fund apprenticeships and training provisions for their staff including a university-delivered PGCE with QTS course.

It is important to note that your member of staff would be employed as a minimum of UQT 1 for the duration of their training year.

If you do not pay into a levy or would like information regarding other funding routes for then please see our Levy Donation page.

What are the benefits of our programme?

With termly intakes across the year in both primary and secondary level education, now is the time to get in touch and find out more about how we can help you provide your staff the next step in their career.

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Earn while you learn

Unlike a year of a PGCE you will earn a competitive salary and be comfortable in the knowledge that your salary is yours to do what you wish.

Flexible start dates

If you have school-based experience already we can provide you access to the next intake. If you are a career changer or graduate, we provide you with valuable school-based experience prior to starting your PGCE with QTS in September, January or April.

Classroom experience

Most of your time will be spent in a classroom where you will gain priceless practical experience; preparing you for your career as a teacher.

First class teacher training

You will gain first-class teacher training with a leading university. At the end of the programme, you will achieve PGCE with QTS.

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